Cozy and Colorful Pom-pom Chair

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Many people wants to make their homes more exiting and there are many various things they can do to make that happen. Adding a playful element to our home could be a great idea to create an extraordinary splash. People who wants to do this can obtain their wish by changing the wall paint, renew the wallpaper, or adding new furniture with fun designs.

Adding a furniture like a comfortable chair for example, could bring extra excitement to your interior design, especially if the furniture you choose has unique colors and patterns.

Well, you can take a look at this cool unique chair design that we recently found. The cool Bommel chair below is specially designed to bring an excitement to your home. Produced by MYK, this unique seating is a combination of a chair and pouf that offers you both comfort and lovely look.

The bommel is made of high quality wool, the pom-pom is bundled, rolled, tied, cut and crafted by hand. For one item, they may need up to 1,300 woolen pom-pom, no wonder it looks so cozy.

This is of course another perfect example of a beautiful unique chair. Place the Bommel in your modern living room or inside your kids bedroom to add a fun flair. If you need more information on this product, visit them at MYK.

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