Vertical Garden, Gardening Solutions for Small Homes

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vertical garden

There are many types of gardens, from the ordinary gardens in the back yard, until other unique types of gardens like a roof garden. Limited land and the high price of land is often the reason people in the cities do not prioritize the presence of a garden in their home.

Having a green area that covers a variety of plants is a dream for almost everyone. In addition to having an aesthetic function, the presence of a garden is sure to bring fresh and healthy air for their homes. But, what if we lived in apartments or homes with limited land for gardening?

You do not need to worry, because now you can keep gardening even with limited space. The method is called vertical gardening or vertical garden.

Gardening with vertical garden is clearly more efficient, because you can take advantage of the corners or an empty wall at your home. This is in contrast to horizontal gardens that require extensive land for crops.

vertical garden solution

To make it, you can arrange vines, set plants in hanging pots, or put them in a vertical area like a wall.

The main point you need to consider in caring for a vertical garden, is to place the plant in areas exposed by sun exposure. This is done so that the vertical garden in your home is always fresh and does not wither quickly.

If possible, place the hanging pots or use plant shelves above the ground so that the remaining water can be directly absorbed by the soil.

Do not forget to water your vertical garden on a regular basis. But if you are busy, there is now an automatic irrigation system which allows the plants regularly watered in accordance with what we want it to be.

vertical garden space solution

vertical garden ideas

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