Beautiful Mariposa Headboard for Girls Bedroom

Mar 31, 11 • Bedroom Design2 CommentsRead More »

Produced by Italian company Adele-C, this beautiful headboard is a sweet complement for any girl’s bedroom. The headboard is dubbed the Mariposa, which is taken from Spanish means Butterfly. Featuring delicate design with a light and airy look, the Mariposa headboard is able to create whimsical atmosphere to your room. Made of methacrylate material, the headboard is finished with lighted patterns that could make your kid’s bedroom glow. For more info about this lovely headboard, visit Adele-C.

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2 Responses to Beautiful Mariposa Headboard for Girls Bedroom

  1. Dawn Phillips says:

    How much is the mariposa headboard and could get a catalog?

  2. admin says:

    Dawn Phillips, You can visit for more detailed information on this product

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