Unique Wall Clock Design by Decorative Visions

Unique Wall Clock 02

Wall papers aja just not enough..!!

No matter how good your wallpaper looks like, you still get the feeling that you need to add something on in so that it won’t look to empty right? Some would put a book shelve, paintings, or family pictures, to make their wall more beutiful.

And don’t forget a clock. Not only will a clock complete your wall desgin. But with its function, its a must have on your wall.

If you have a unique designed walls in your home, surely you won’t hang just any clock on it. A unique wall needs a unique clock to go with it. Well here are some examples of unique clocks design by Decorative Visions. Just look at the pictures and comment yourself. We can only say Good Job! Visit their website for more info’s on these clocks.

Unique Wall Clock 01

Unique Wall Clock 03

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6 Responses to Unique Wall Clock Design by Decorative Visions

  1. azlina ab rahman says:

    nice clock.Nampak klasik. kat mana boleh dapakannya.

  2. Rejane says:

    This. Clock by De cobra rive Visions is just beautiful! How can I get the details – if I can afford it! I want to buy it!

  3. Rejane says:

    This is a beautiful clock by DecorativeVision. How can I get the details

  4. admin says:

    Hai Rejane, you can get more details on this clock here -> http://www.decorativevisions.com/

  5. Vicki Muller says:

    How do I get more details to purchase the elongated metal wall clock?

  6. admin says:

    Sorry guys, it seems that their website is no longer available, just checked.

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